Deltar i IMAGO MUNDI - Venecia - Vernissage 31 augusti ---- About GERTRUD ALFREDSSON -- Gertrud Alfredsson was born in 1965 and lives in Allerum. She studied at Konstskolan Forum Malmö, works as an artist and art consultant, and is the leader of the arts club Artpit and the Best Biennial in association with Moderna Museet Malmö. Her work for Imago Mundi is part of the series Unknown Places. In her drawings, paintings and ceramics she explores place and identity, and this series is about the various reasons why places are created. The Pollen King relates to a true story about Gösta Carlsson (1918-2003) who met extraterrestrials in a UFO in 1946. They gave him the recipe for a pollen pill, which later earned him a fortune. He came out in public about the event in the 1970s and erected a monument in the 1980s.