Broadway Gallery New York 19th sep. 2008

Together Forever Curated by Christine Kennedy

Opening Reception, Friday September 19th 6-8

Broadway Gallery is pleased to announce “Together Forever,” a group exhibition featuring seven international artists during two weeks in September (15-30). Participating artists include Alice Lang, Gertrud Alfredsson, Leah Beabout and Ronda Johannessen. An opening reception will be held on Friday September 19th from 6-8 p.m.

Individuals by Gertrud Alfredsson Foto Tobias Nilsson

The show’s title, “Together Forever,” was inspired by a memorial notice bearing this inscription that the curator found in an old suitcase; an enigma, this phrase, a citation without definite authorship, serves as a curatorial point of departure. Its meaning is open to interpretation, including narratives which conjure cultural apparitions of romantic love, lovers re-united in death, undying devotion and eternal bliss as well as speculative or critical readings that devolve on the couple as a figure that paradoxically unites a desire for pure transcendence and a perverse mix of death and eroticism.

Walk on by Gertrud Alfredsson

The artists in “Together Forever,” though they differ from one another in style, approach and strategy, share an underlying interest in exploring the theme of “togetherness,” and whether this is conveyed within the language and structure of self and other or through idiosyncratic and open-ended depictions of love, friendship, and community, related motifs emerge: the experience that elevates a passing moment to the infinite, or forms of “being together” that may be sweet, innocent, and fragile or endearing, intimate and light-hearted or, even, parasitical, dangerous or obsessive. Other threads explored include unrequited love, longing and failure, loss, and the memory of love, its grandeur, or its demise, and all that this entails, melancholy, loneliness, or abject states of being.
Curator/ Christine Kennedy/ Wam

by Gertrud Alfredsson Foto Tobias Nilsson


Unknown said…
Sister, my sister we hope the exhibition will be a success and a key to international progress. Unfortunately there are no time for me to join at the 19th. All the best from your brother and fan.