My Art Books

I made this artbook to my film Walking, at the video and film festival SHOOT in Malmö 1999.
Make your own book, just print it out!

2000- 2007
Started to draw an art book around 2000 and I haven´t finished it jet. The book is a handmade book from Stockholm Art Academy, who a colleague made it many years ago. He had only a cover with plane paper into it. His idea was the cower only. Well I "steeled" the book and put my world into it! Can I cold a theft? Well it was a gift from him. I was a weary thieving girl at the time. I´t was a wery nice book to make drawings into. This person don't now it. And ma by one day, he is going to see "my" book.
The book have 120 pages and it´s 20 pages of my world left.